The Great Grow

          Children's School Garden Competition
                                                                              501(c)3 Charitable Organization

May 16, 2015 Farmer's Market at Imperial Event
The Great Grow Awards St. Theresa Catholic School Garden $500

Health, Sustainability, Education...FUN!

Become a sponsor today and support our children as they discover the joy of gardening. St. Theresa gardening students plan to expand their new gardens in order to create a food pantry for the needy, perform cooking demonstrations using their harvest and more!

Shown in photos:Dr. Catherine Bilow, Mr. Martin Flaherty and members of House of More, student school garden organizers.

Dr. Kellie Yoh, Assistant principal, David Crockett Middle School and 2015-2015 Great Grow Garden Competitors.

Final photo: The Great Grow board members Diana Miller, Heather Chang (Dulles High School Honor Student). Connie Chan-Herald.